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8 Jun 2021

Top 43 Best Tutorials Photoshop (From Basic to Advanced)


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Top 43 Best Tutorials Photoshop

Stay home, level up Photoshop skill! Learn Photoshop with these step by step tutorials. Improve Light & Color. Composite and Retouch Images. Add Creative Effects & Remove Unwanted Content.

Needless to say that Photoshop is one of the best design software and used by all design enthusiasts around the world. It lets you create amazing art and design but understanding how Photoshop work or how you can use it, can be difficult if you just getting started. If you’ve already got some skills, then you should be looking to improve it.

Photoshop Tutorials Categories:

  • Basic Photoshop Tutorials
  • Advanced Photoshop Tutorials

Note: You can follow these tutorials with any Photoshop version, but I recommend at least use CS5 or higher (if you desire to learn about 3D features). Let’s dive into the post!

Photoshop Basics

Basic tutorials are for beginners who are just exploring the way how Photoshop work. The section starts with Photoshop workspace and it will make you comfortable with Photoshop interface and panels like tools, layers, menus, adjustment layers, layer mask, colors and much more. Then you’ll learn about each of them with a comprehensive guide. Often beginners found making selection is difficult, that is why we added some selection tutorials as well. Apart from the adding basic tutorials, we’ve also included tutorials for the latest Photoshop CC.

Chapter 1 – Opening Photoshop for the First Time

1. Getting Started in Photoshop

What it Covers:

  • 1. Get familiar with the work area
  • 2. Complete Overview of Tools & Panels
  • 3. Tools Options

2. Opening, Editing & Saving in Photoshop

What it Covers:

  • 1. Open and Close Images
  • 2. Editing Images
  • 3. Save & Export Your Work

3. Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

What it Covers:

  • 1. Essential Keyboards Shortcuts
  • 2. Improve Photoshop Workflow
  • 3. How do Things Faster in Photoshop

Chapter 2 – Common Tools

4. How to use the Crop Tool in Photoshop

What it Covers:

  • 1. Use Crop Tool Crop Images
  • 2. Get the Perfect Size & Aspect Ratio
  • 3. Customize Crop Tool

5. How to use the Spot Healing & Healing Brush Tool in Photoshop

What it Covers:

  • 1. All the Basics of Spot Healing & Headling Brush Tool
  • 2. Basic Photoshop Retouching
  • 3. Blemishes & Spots Removal

6. How to use the Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop

What it Covers:

  • 1. Use of Clone Stamp Tool
  • 2. Difference Between Spot Healing & Clone Stamp Tool
  • 3. Use Clone Stamp with Clipping Mask

7. How to use the Brush Tool in Photoshop

What it Covers:

  • 1. Brush Presets
  • 2. Selecting the Brushes
  • 3. Brush Opacity and Flow
  • 4. Advance Brush Settings

8. How to use the Dodge and Burn Tool in Photoshop

What it Covers:

  • 1. Dodge and Burn Techniques
  • 2. Ligten and Darken Areas of an Image
  • 3. Non-destructive Editing

9. How to use the Text Tool in Photoshop

What it Covers:

  • 1. Using the Text Tool
  • 2. Text Tool Settings
  • 3. Options for your Text
  • 4. Transforming the Text

10. How to Master the Pen Tool in Minutes

What it Covers:

  • 1. Using the Pen Tool
  • 2. Working with Paths and Curves
  • 3. Working with Anchor Points
  • 4. Making Precise Selections

Chapter 3 – Layers & Masks

11. How to Use Layers in Photoshop

What it Covers:

  • 1. Understand how Layers Work
  • 2. Using Layers with Tools
  • 3. Blending Modes

12. How to Use Layer Mask in Photoshop

What it Covers:

  • 1. How Layer Mask Works
  • 2. Add Layer Mask
  • 3. Non-Destructive Editnig
  • 4. Adjustment Layers Mask

13. Non-Destructive Editing with Smart Object


What it Covers:

  • 1. Use Filter Non-Destructively
  • 2. Get to know About Smart Objects
  • 3. Edit Filter At Any Time

14. How to Use Clipping Mask in Photoshop

What it Covers:

  • 1. Fill a Shape with Photo
  • 2. Harness the Power of Clipping Mask
  • 3. Draw Shapes

15. How to Use Blending Modes in Photoshop

What it Covers:

  • 1. Use Blend Modes Precisely
  • 2. Composites Images in No Time
  • 3. A Trick to Use Each Blending Modes

Chapter 4 – Photoshop Adjustment Layers

16. Commonly Used Photoshop Adjustment Layers

What it Covers:

  • 1. Work with Most Commonly Used Adjustment Layers
  • 2. Add Effect to a Particular Area
  • 3. The basics of Applying Adjustment Layers

17. 19 Photoshop Adjustments Layers Explained

What it Covers:

  • 1. All Adjustment Layers Explained
  • 2. Explanation with Photos
  • 3. Depicts a Bunch of Photo Effects

Chapter 5 – Selections

18. How to Create Selections in Photoshop

What it Covers:

  • 1. Wide Variety of Selections Tools
  • 2. Make Selection of a Person
  • 3. Extract a Person from Background

19. Use Select & Mask to Make Selection in Photoshop

What it Covers:

  • 1. Select & Mask Workspace
  • 2. Tools
  • 3. Global Refinements
  • 4. Save the Masking Results

20. How to Mask Hair in Photoshop

What it Covers:

  • 1. Mask Hair from Difficult Background
  • 2. Masking with Select & Mask
  • 3. Creating & Using Hair Brushes
  • 4. Using Filters for Final Adjustments

21. Blend If and Calculation Techniques for Difficult Selections

What it Covers:

  • 1. Using Blend If
  • 2. Use of Channels
  • 3. Making Perfect Selections
  • 4. Concept of Black/White Selection

22. Removing Background using Background Eraser Tool

What it Covers:

  • 1. Explanation on Background Eraser Tool
  • 2. Removing Complicated Background
  • 3. Non-destructive Extraction of Background

23. How to Change a Background in Photoshop

What it Covers:

  • 1. Extract the Subject
  • 2. Replace the Background
  • 3. Blend them in a Cohesive Scene

Final Chapter 6 – Basic Photo Editing

24. How to Replace a Sky in Photoshop

What it Covers:

  • 1. Remove Sky in Just Minutes
  • 2. Tips to Easily Remove a Blue sky

25. How to Correct Color in Photoshop

What it Covers:

  • 1. How to Remove a Color Cast from Photoshop
  • 2. 3 Points Color Corrections Technique

26. High End Photo Retouching in Photoshop

What it Covers:

  • 1. Retouch Skin Professionally
  • 2. Create Smooth Skin
  • 3. Preserve Skin Details

Photo Effects & Advanced Tutorials

Below you can find photo effects & advanced tutorials the reason why I added these is because effects tutorials are really fun to create and it is not challenging.

In just few steps you can replicate many effects like vintage, retro, lomo, double exposure, dispersion and much more. Apart from just adding effects to your photos, these tutorials will help you how to level up your advanced skills in Photoshop as well.

Since this section is the final section of this post but don’t worry there are a lot of tutorials to follow if you are an advanced Photoshop user, you can check out our website homepage on a weekly basis for new advanced tutorials.

27. Create a Double Exposure Effect in Photoshop


What it Covers:

  • 1. Multi-Exposure Effect
  • 2. Blend Images
  • 3. Surreal Effect

28. Impossible Sea Tutorial

29. Create a Pop Art Inspired by Roy Lichtenstein


30.How to Remove Background in Photoshop (3 Examples)

31. How to Change Background Color in Photoshop


32. How to Simulate a Sketch Effect in Photoshop

33. How to Create a Trendy Glitch Effect in Photoshop (+ Photoshop Action)

34. The Best Way to Create Watercolor Effects in Photoshop

35. How to Retouch Eyes in Photoshop

36. How to Remove Acne in Photoshop

37. Best Methods of Sharpening Images

What it Covers:

  • 1. Explains a Bunch of ways of Sharpening Images
  • 2. Use Filters

38. Dispersion Effect

What it Covers:

  • 1. Disintergation Effect
  • 2. Use of Liquify Tool
  • 2. Use of Debris Brushes

39. How to Blur Background in Photoshop

What it Covers:

  • 1. Blur Background
  • 2. Use of Lens Correction Filter
  • 3. Depth of Field Effect

40. Portal Photo Manipulation

What it Covers:

  • 1. Compositing Techniques
  • 2. Lighting
  • 3. Extraction

41. Rail Inside Illusion Tutorial

What it Covers:

  • 1. Soft Lighting Effect
  • 2. Miniature Look
  • 3. Color Matching

42. Water Splash in Bulb

What it Covers:

  • 1. Surreal Compositing Look
  • 2. Conceptual Style
  • 3. Blending Techniques

43. How to Creatively Blend Two images in Photoshop

What it Covers:

  • 1. Surreal Compositing
  • 2. Advanced Masking
  • 3. Lighting


Thanks for reading the post and if you like it, then do spread it into the world. If you have any suggestion, then do let me know through comments. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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